Dr. Carolyn Ownbey is Assistant Professor and Chair of English, Communications, and Literature at Golden Gate University in San Francisco. Her work focuses on anticolonial literature and other media, law, human rights and narrative, and theories of democracy and citizenship. She has essays published in Law & Literature, Textual Practice, Critique: Studies in Contemporary Fiction, and Safundi: The Journal of South African and American Studies, among others, as well as in a number of edited volumes such as In the Crossfire of History: Women’s War Resistance Discourse in the Global South, forthcoming this fall from Rutgers UP. Her current book in progress is an interdisciplinary project focused on questions of law, human and civil rights, nation, and state in several modes of political resistance writing since 1945.

As an administrator, Dr. Ownbey is a creative, strategic thinker with broad training and expertise in management, research administration, strategic initiatives, and writing and publishing. She is proficient at stepping into leadership roles quickly and effectively; managing partnerships with diverse groups sensitively and ethically; and liaising with and across diverse constituencies.

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